“We commit to always improving our craftsmanship because we are passionate, and because we know that being recognized for excellence means the world.”

With over 30 years of experience, Thai Award Co.,Ltd.
has established a reputation as one of the leading award manufacturers in Thailand. We design, make and even import award-related product, ranging from trophy, plaque and plate to acrylic item, resin item, pewter item, medal, pin, and so much more. Our commitment, today, is to continue our leadership and provide a high standard product. We are committed to continuing our role as a leader in Thailand’s trophy industry. To meet the demand of our customers, we offer you a wide selection of quality trophies and other awards, suitable for academic, work, sport contests and all events. We pride ourselves on being part of appreciating excellence. We believe that accomplishments should never go unnoticed. With generations of experiences, we have perfected skills in the production of awards and trophies and our products have been well-received by leading organizations in and outside of Thailand.


The Leading Award Making Company in Thailand